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Fifteen years ago, I started sewing almost by chance

To be honest, I'm not sure what brought me there. I think I fell in love with Japanese sewing patterns. If you're interested in sewing, I'm willing to bet you've seen it here or there. I immediately liked these simple shapes and minimalist patterns, yet so clear. I learned to sew with Japanese patterns ... Do you believe it?

I built some pretty pieces and developed my new passion by specializing in t-shirts. I opened an Etsy shop and sold original t-shirts. I liked that period, even if it meant “sewing in the chain”. I was discouraged when I realized that even in my best days, I could not easily sew four t-shirts.


This ever changing body

And then, two years ago, my body changed: I gained some weight and my shopping sessions went from chore to torture.

As I am used to radical and excessive solutions, I decided to sew my own wardrobe. “I don’t find a dress for my body? ... I will sew my own perfect dress”.

In theory, all this seemed quite simple and logical, but in practice, as often, it turned out a little more complex! I had to learn a lot: sewing techniques, about fabrics qualities, about pattern alteration.

But, most importantly, I had to learn to look at myself, to appreciate this body that had changed.

I learned that measurements are just numbers, that size does not say anything about my value and that there are tricks to dress up my morphology and showcase it.

And today, I would like to share what I have learned through this long process, marked by trial and error, frustrations, but also moments of insights and joy.


Let’s make peace with our body, shall we?

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I would like you to discover that your body is not a problem, that your body is a magnificent temple that has brought you to where you are now.

I would like you to learn that it is not by hating it that you will become the woman you would like to be. I would like you to know that you can take care of it, show up here and now and not when you wil have lost five, ten or twenty pounds.

I would like you to discover that having a wardrobe that suits you is a powerful tool to start to love and to take care of yourself. A magnificent starting point.

I would like you to have fun in the morning by putting on clothes, because they say something about you, because they make you happy.

What if your wardrobe had this power to connect to the beautiful, joyful and strong you?

with clothes made by you, for you




My Offer


I’m a designer who helps women over 30 build and sew their own curated wardrobe. A wardrobe that makes them feel authentic and empowered.

Currently, my offer is in French, but if you’re interested, let me know: I’m working to offer my service in English as well in the future.

A dress/tunic customed sewing pattern

To start slowly

4 key pieces for a capsule wardrobe

Let’s make a big project


Offer 1

I send you a customed sewing pattern to print at home for a simple dress/tunic to make.

offre 2

You’re ready for the big project. You’ll get 4 customed sewing patterns (dress/tunic, skirt, pants and jacket).

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 You’re looking to create more and consume less

(and you feel that your wardrobe is an important piece of this)

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You know you need this if:

  • You’re “dreaming about a wardrobe that suits me, that does not make me feel miserable, but creative, alive, happy.”

  • You do not know where to start

  • You don’t have patterns to work from or the skill to do it themselves

  • You don’t know what will flatter their body shape

  • You’re not feeling good or authentic in their clothes

  • You can’t find what they want on the rack

  • You want ethically made clothing

  • You’re at least a beginner sewer

  • You are ready to spend some time on this project

  • Without being a fashionista, you only want to feel good in your outfits

  • You want to consume less and create more and bring more intention and deliberate choices into your wardrobe.


You want things like:

  • Learning what flatter your silhouette

  • Custom, basic sewing patterns

  • To feel good and authentic in your clothes

  • A custom wardrobe that nobody else has

  • To feel good not contributing to fast fashion

  • A guide to take you through all of this


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On the other hand, I must tell you that it is not for you if:

  • You want a superfashionable wardrobe

  • You want a wardrobe ready for tomorrow.

  • You are not ready to embrace the process and give yourself some time.

  • Looking for a makeover and a ready-made look.


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